How Cloud Security Can Affect Business Directions

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Due to lower IT costs and improved user experience, Cloud computing is becoming a business standard. From a 2018 survey, 24 percent of respondents worldwide cited Cloud computing as the technology which would have the most significant impact on analytics initiatives.

One of the Cloud’s best features is that it allows you to store data over the Internet instead of occupying the space in your computer’s hard drive. As long as you have a Cloud-enabled gadget and an Internet connection, Cloud computing lets you access your files anywhere you go. Due to this, files saved in the Cloud are not susceptible to power outages and natural calamities. This ensures faster recovery and business continuity. Thus, Cloud computing can help your business serve your customers better and adapt to their needs quickly.

Your Data Security is in the Cloud

Businesses rely heavily on data for their decision-making. Thus, data must be secured enough not to be breached by malicious attackers. Cloud offers this security through its identity and access management, user authentication, secure web and email gateways, and application security testing. Cloud security is a set of technologies and policies aiming to protect user information and other data infrastructure. As of 2017, the market for Cloud Security has reached $5.85 billion. This value is forecasted to increase to $8.92 billion by 2020.

Business Intelligence  

Much of the benefits of Cloud Security has to do with convenience. As your business grows, so does the data you need to manage. With so many data on hand, some of them inevitably end up being unstructured. As such, Cloud’s analytics help you derive business value from these unstructured data, turning into business intelligence. For instance, your sales representative can give quotes to potential customers on the spot because they can readily access price data on their mobile devices. Your customers can shop through your company’s app or website through their own unique log in credentials. This assures them of their personal details’ safety. In terms of supply chain, you can view your available stocks in your warehouse from your mobile device. Your warehouse staff can have portable scanners which can detect orders. This consolidates your available products for sale to your website’s shop. As for replenishing your stocks, you can approve purchase orders via web.

Given all these things, Cloud Security is not just an IT asset or an expense. It is an investment which can give you long-term benefits. As such, you must choose your Cloud solutions wisely by taking into consideration your business requirements, direction, and compliance.

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