Spotlight: Cisco Cloud Security

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As with all innovations, digital technology carries a lot of risks and rewards. It brings benefits and yet can be a source of danger. A lot of customer-oriented services can now be easily managed with a computer or any mobile device, but it’s also due to this system that our security has become more susceptible to fraud. Cyber security becomes equally important as every computer technology. Cloud security, in particular, is of topmost importance especially for organizations that are on their way to digital transformation.

Cloud security is basically a multi-level system designed to shield the user’s files and apps in the cloud. Given threats like hackers, we cannot simply use the internet without caution or else, critical information and business operations will be at stake. For this reason, Cisco, a leader in IT, has been enhancing its cloud security solution so that it could provide the best protection for every user. In 2017, the company rolled out an expanded multi-cloud portfolio which includes the integration of Cisco Advanced Malware Protection to the cloud email security, expansion of Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud which allows a wider range of cloud activity monitoring, and the addition of Cisco Umbrella which provides protection even when users are off the network and off the VPN.

The risk of data breaches is expected to grow larger this year since more and more companies are migrating to the cloud. Other common problems such as data loss, Denial of Service, system vulnerabilities, and account hijacking will also continue to be threats, according to a survey collated by the Cloud Security Alliance. Needless to say, every business should have a cloud security solution of the highest caliber.

Here’s what can be expected from Cisco’s cloud security solution:

  1.       Security for connecting to the internet
  2.       Email security for Office 365
  3.       Security for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications
  4.       Public cloud infrastructure security

These can all be achieved through the integration of various Cisco programs. For instance, Cisco Cloudlock works by thoroughly monitoring cloud app activities, which also includes the following functions: providing risk profiles, enforcing data security policies, detecting suspicious behavior, and enabling healthy cloud adoption. On the other hand, Cisco Email Security focuses on the cloud-hosted email. This is an intensive feature that focuses on the vulnerabilities of emails to protect the organizations from email threats and phishing attacks.  

Present customers of Cisco Email Security (CES) like State University of New York Old Westbury have attested to how work has become easier for them since the adoption of the said solution. Milind Samant, the institution’s Director of IT Services and Information Security Officer, said that they have learned to rely more on their email system because CES has been helping them detect fraudulent emails. Instead of exerting a great deal of effort in threat detection, they can now focus more on other proactive tasks.  

The goal in general of the cloud security solution is to keep malicious activities at bay so that users can work uninterruptedly. This is, therefore, more than just fighting off cyber adversaries. The adoption of Cisco’s cloud security solution is also about giving the users an ease of access to their work in the cloud. In the words of David Ulevitch, Vice President of Cisco Security Business Group, “We want to ensure our customers are at the forefront of this business transformation so Cisco has built a broad set of security solutions for the multicloud world”

Cisco has long been reputable for its services and contributions to the computer industry. Just recently it has been recognized as the market leader in Enterprise Infrastructure. Synergy Research reported that network security, WLAN, and on-premises collaboration are the market areas in which the company had outperformed its competitors. With this kind of reputation and its commitment to giving the best service possible for businesses in cyber world, Cisco is surely reliable in providing the kind of cloud security that businesses deserve.

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